What’s in my bag? VIP edition.

I don’t know how you feel, but for whatever reason, the “what’s in my bag” videos are always interesting. I mean, most of the time it’s a variation of the same things – wallet, lip gloss, gum, sunglasses, blah…blah…blah.

(Don’t get me wrong, I still watch even though I basically know what’s going to happen. It’s more of the what if I stumble upon something life changing, you know?)

BUT… what about a bag that is carried by a visually impaired person (V.I.P. aka very important person – which also applies, obviously).

I can speak for myself in saying that I like to carry some tools that can help me with day-to-day tasks. However, I can also make do with just my iPhone (isn’t technology the best?)

But seriously, what I tote around with me is very helpful. Sure, I can make do in whatever situation I find myself in with whatever resources I have at my disposal, but I do appreciate little things that can make life easier.

(I’ve included some Amazon links below to assist in the “making life easier” effort.)

Sunglasses. Always polarized, always. I personally think that (although it’s a pricey purchase) higher end sunglasses have a better quality polarization. I like to invest in one pair of name brand sunglasses and wear them until the fall apart (shout out to my current pair that I’ve had since 2013)! However, I also like to have a few cheap pairs that I can throw on and not have to worry about so much. I’m currently enjoying these!

Sun scarf. Like this one from Amazon (gotta love Amazon). It has come in handy so many times! It’s extremely lightweight, doesn’t take up much room, and can provide some sun coverage if I skimped on SPF or if I just didn’t anticipate being out in the sun for a long period of time.

Monocular. This guy has helped me out so. many. times. It was a must during my school years and it has proved useful enough in my day-to-day life to carry around. My phone has replaced a lot of the “need” for this gadget, but I have still found myself in situations when I prefer the monocular. Maybe it’s a creature of habit sort of thing, but if I’m just needing to look at something quickly or do a quick scan of an area, I reach for this over my phone. To be honest, I got mine forever ago – it’s a little pricey, but (clearly) it can last forever! Also, prepare yourself for people to make pirate references – just go with it.

Mineral SPF. Admittedly, this stuff is slightly excessive, but can be useful in a pinch. I don’t use it unless I’m getting a lot of direct sun on my face, and I only use it when I’ve put some effort into my appearance via makeup. The color seems to work well on my skin tone and it lays nicely over makeup without messing it up! I’ve used a couple (including this one and the one by Supergoop!). I’ve heard great things about this brand, but I haven’t brought myself to purchase it. Let me know if you have any experience with it!

Sunscreen stick. Oh yes, the joys of needing this at the ready. Granted, I seriously need to step up my SPF game. I’m not the best, but I do try to be conscious of how much sun I am getting (I play a mean game of shade hopping if needed – basically pro status). However, sometimes I find myself in situations of needing some sunscreen and this is perfect for a quick touch up (…or first application…). The stick is awesome because you avoid the, always fun, “gotta go to the restroom to wash this off of my hands” line. It’s also super quick and convenient!

Reading glasses / mini magnifier. This is a personal preference. And yet, another thing that has become more or less obsolete with access to a smartphone that can take decent pictures. It really comes down to the circumstance (how much time do I have to see something, how much I need to read, what’s the lighting situation, etc.). From there, I determine whether to use my phone, glasses, or a pocket magnifier (like this one). Once again, probably another creature of habit thing because the more I explain it here, the less it makes sense to carry both options. Whatever, just let me live in my redundant web. I like my system!

Do I have all of this with me all. the. time?

No, not always. But I do like to be prepared for whatever the day throws my way! Being pale or visually impaired can be annoying or frustrating, but having these little items help to make my day-to-day run quite smoothly!

What do you like to carry in your purse/pockets that’s somewhat out of the ordinary?

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